VMAlife | 5 self-loving tips for a healthy Valentine’s Day
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5 self-loving tips for a healthy Valentine’s Day


14 Feb 5 self-loving tips for a healthy Valentine’s Day

If you’re single, Valentine’s Day can be a lonely time (when you go through a tub of ice cream). In a relationship? Maybe you don’t feel the need to direct all your attention to just one day.

Whether you’re loved up, searching for your soulmate or having fun kicking it solo, let’s create a Valentine’s Day a celebration of YOU. Because hey, the relationship you have with yourself is the most important one.

Hallmark card, alert!

And the best gift you can give to your body is good health, energy, and self-confidence. So, skip the Ben & Jerrys (yes, even the peanut butter cookie dough) and indulge in heart-healthy Valentine’s Day activities.

Dear Valentine… start with a nourishing breakfast.

After a lovely solo sleep in or a cuddle session, head to the kitchen and begin your day with a nutrient-rich brekky. Scramble eggs, diced tomatoes, sliced avocado and spread it on a bed of wholegrain toast. To get your complete nutrition in, add some fruits and vegetables (and take your daily Velixir).

Darling Valentine… pick your favourite activity to do.

Do you love yoga or running? Walking to your coffee shop and people watching? Perusing the markets for independent products to add to your home? Spend your morning dating yourself and doing something that fills you up with joy is the perfect healthy Valentine’s Day activity.

Lovely Valentine… get outside & be spontaneous. 

Spending time with Mother Nature is the perfect remedy for feeling blue on V-Day. Wear a mask though especially during this period. And if you’re in a couple, go on a day date adventure. Pack the car and head to the beach, go on a hike, take a road trip to visit friends or stay local, with a picnic in the park. Let the sunshine bask your body in warm, good vibes.

healthy Valentine's Day

Oh, and Valentine? Spend it with your friends.

There’s no feeling sorry for yourself when you’re with your crew. Bring the girls over for this Asian-inspired tasting board and a bottle of red wine (of course). If gifts are your thing, tweak ‘Secret Santa’ for Valentine’s Day, so everyone gets to unwrap something (and read their own Valentine’s note, with a friendship spin).

Skip the long waits at restaurants, order your meal and make your day intimate, hosting a lunch or dinner at home.

japan foodAlso, Valentine?  Rekindle an old flame.

No, no, we’re not talking about going back to that ex of yours. You are way too good for that! Spend Valentine’s Day thinking about a hobby you put on the backburner or that course you enrolled in, but never completed.

Remember, this day is about YOU. It’s totally your choice about how you spend it. Let your soul guide you in the direction of fun, relaxation, good company or whatever lights you up for the perfect healthy Valentine’s Day.

And if this means using V’Day as an ‘excuse’ to have chocolate, so be it… it is packed with antioxidants, after all, just like VMAlife products. 😉