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Bio-Placenta Gold

Concentrated Anti-Aging Serum

Retail Price: Bio-Placenta Gold
(1 bottle x 30ml)


What is it ?

The Bio-Placenta Gold™ delivers 5 unique peptides, molecularly identical to the growth factors found in the human placenta by using the latest advancement in biochemistry.

These exclusive peptides combination has the remarkable ability to promote, support and prompt the skin to function as it did in its youth.

To further enhance its effectiveness, oligo elements are infused into the blend. These are nutrient-rich trace elements that act as a catalyst to speed up, stimulate, and protect, while providing sensory stimulation to skin cells which results in firmer, smoother skin.

Why add stem cells?

Apple and Orange stem cells make the perfect pair. Apple stem cells protect and preserve your own stem cells, while orange stem cells correct damage that may have already occurred.

Why add Gold?

24K gold flakes are added into the mix to revitalize all aspects of the skin while also providing a long-lasting, healthy glow.

How is it beneficial to your health?

Activates, regenerates and restructures.

Supports thin, fragile skin.

Minimizes the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles.

Stimulates cell renewal and reverses signs of aging.

Directions for Use

1. Dispense 2 to 5 drops on fingertips.

2. Apply it to all areas on face and neck.


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